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Accord Loan allows you to obtain up to $750 on your first loan. It is possible to renew a loan and increase the amount borrowed on a future loan. Your application can be completed online or by phone.

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Fast and hassle-free loan. We use IBV (Instant Bank Verification) technology to provide you with a reliable, secure and fast service.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Being a Canadian citizen
  • Have a stable job for at least 3 months
  • Not to be under bankruptcy
  • Have a net salary of at least $1,100 per month
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The process


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Step 3: The amount is deposited

Without a credit check, Accord Prêt ensures that the operation is carried out as quickly as possible and in total confidentiality. Obtaining a short-term loan can help you get through a difficult period without affecting your quality of life. Short-term loans avoid aggravating a difficult financial situation by having to pay late fees or having to endure a service cut-off.

No one is immune to financial worries.

Our loans

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250$ – 500$ – 750$ – 1000$

What is the annual rate?

We work with the best financial institutions to offer you an annual interest rate of minimum 28% and maximum 32%.

Do you have an example of loans and payments?

A $ 500 loan payable every two weeks and repayable in 6 installments
will cost you $ 88.33 per payment.
The total amount refunded would be 529,98$. All our loans are on a 3
month term (90days).

What happens if I default?

There are two possibilities; the first is that your pre-authorized payment has bounced back. In this case, you will be charged $45. Your financial institution may also charge you an NSF fee. It is always best to ensure that you have the necessary funds prior to your withdrawal date to avoid these fees. The second possibility is that you have requested to defer a payment. When you choose to defer, a $35 administrative fee will be charged, but you can request to pay your installment later. Be sure to apply at least 3 business days prior to your payment to ensure your application is approved.

Are there any other conditions?


Renewal of the loan is not automatic. It will be done after the customer has made the request and it has been approved by our company.

Amortization schedule

Any initial withdrawals from your facility will be amortized on a
schedule of equal and consecutive payments allowing for full repayment
of amounts owed over periods of three (3) months. Thereafter, any
re-borrowing on the availability of your credit facility, will be done
once the full loan is paid off.

*The example shown above also includes a brokerage fee charged by the broker with whom the lender deals to obtain a loan for the borrower. This brokerage fee is determined by the broker on a case-by-case basis and is separate from the credit and interest fees charged by the lender. The terms and conditions relating to brokerage fees, loan amounts, credit fees, frequency and payment amounts may vary. The data used is for illustrative purposes only.

Accord Prêt is a Canadian online personal credit brokerage company, without credit investigation. We deal with licensed lending companies. Our services are regulated by the Consumer Protection Office and are completely confidential, secure and fast. Short-term loans can be a good solution for you when used responsibly. However, a short term loan generates higher interest than a loan made at a local financial institution. It should therefore be used in cases where there are no other alternatives available at a lower interest rate.